St Katherine’s Road

This was a private residential property in London, which was 600 square feet in size. The Contract was over a period of 26 weeks and the total capital cost was £1.2m.


33Homes was awarded the contract to complete the design and refurbishment or a four storey property in London. We worked very closely with our client, the contractors and other specialists to create a project that responded to our client’s brief. Our services included an assessment of the appropriate building methods and materials in order to minimise construction costs whilst achieving a high quality and sustainable development.

The Solution

We were tasked with the challenge of transforming a dated four storey property with a cramped layout, poor lighting and dated fixtures, into an inviting space with a modern minimal aesthetic. The new redesign also included relocating and installing a feature staircase (which was virtually glass), feature walls and a smart home automation system.  Walls were also repositioned to create a new interior layouts based on our clients’ needs and space usage.


We selected an exceptional smart home automation solution that integrated all the components and systems that people already use on a daily basis. Our client required a system that immediately seamlessly integrated every system in his home: lighting, security, appliances, climate, shades and drapes, entertainment and outdoor lights. Our bespoke stylised glass staircase has completely maximised space and light in what was originally a cramped, dark space. By moving the original staircase we were able to strategically position the bespoke staircase to fit seamlessly into the new minimalist theme. We created highly individualistic interiors for the children’s bedrooms. With Sliding beds, climbing walls and a performance stage, we’re sure the children will be as happy as our client.